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Eagle Environmental Inc. provides inspection, abatement design, hazardous materials management and abatement monitoring services related to asbestos, lead based paint, PCBs, mercury, radon, mold and other hazardous building materials.

The actual scope of our services varies depending its purpose and applicable regulations. Not all hazardous building materials pose a health threat in every situation. The key to successful building management is to understand when a hazard exists and what actions are required. The extent and method of abatement varies depending on whether the building is scheduled for renovation or demolition, or whether an occupant has been exposed or an exposure risk exists.

Inspection and Field Sampling
Asbestos bulk and air quality sampling
Lead based paint testing using X-Ray Florescence (XRF) technology
Lead based paint risk assessments
Lead analysis of dust, chip and soil samples using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS)
Sampling and fixed laboratory analysis of PCB, mercury and other chemicals
Baseline air quality monitoring
Mold inspection and airborne mold spore analysis
Radon testing

Abatement Design and Project Monitoring
Specification and design of abatement
Specification of proper material disposal
On-site abatement contractor oversight
On-site air quality monitoring
Post abatement air quality clearance sampling and analysis

Hazardous Materials Management
Asbestos management programs
Lead compliance plans
Operations and maintenance plans
Lead based paint management plans

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