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About Eagle Environmental, Inc.


Eagle is a Connecticut-based Hazardous Building Materials and Environmental Consulting firm located at 8 South Main Street, Suite 3 in Terryville, Connecticut. Eagle provides hazardous building material consulting, environmental investigation and remediation, and construction administration services throughout Connecticut and various New England States.Eagle offers complete inspection, design and monitoring services for asbestos-containing materials (ACM), lead-based paint (LBP), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and other hazardous and regulated building materials. Eagle’s services also include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II and Phase III Environmental Investigations and consulting services, remedial action planning, monitoring and close out reporting, NEPA funding compliance, underground storage tank (UST) investigations and closure, safety compliance, indoor air quality assessments, microbial contamination assessments, water intrusion evaluations, radon assessments, and construction administration services.

Eagle provides turn-key consulting services from the inception of the project to the final reporting. Eagle specializes in building sciences and provides hazardous materials consulting services to support demolition, renovation, risk assessments, hazardous materials management, property transactions and OSHA compliance. Our experienced staff consists of Senior Project Managers, Project Managers, Senior Consultants and Field Technicians, which are supported by our administrative staff. The President and Vice Presidents are actively involved in the technical aspects of our services on a daily basis. The technical staff is cross trained in multiple disciplines

Eagle is qualified for all size projects from single family residential demolitions or renovations to large-scale commercial and industrial remediation. We routinely provide pre-demolition inspection, monitoring and clearance services for municipal blighted building programs as well as provide consulting for large Brownfields cleanup projects such as the former Norwich State Hospital. Eagle is capable of performing complete inspection work for grant applications under the Connecticut Department of Housing and the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority. We perform environmental compliance inspections for more than 150 schools in Connecticut under various Contracts. In addition, we routinely inspect, design and monitor multi-million dollar school renovation and demolition projects.

Eagle understands the commitment necessary to execute a successful project within budget and schedule. It is our knowledge of these regulatory requirements, good relationship with the regulating agencies and experience managing fast track projects with aggressive schedules that uniquely qualifies us for any project. We will commit the necessary personnel and resources required to ensure that our contractual obligations for a Contract are fulfilled in a timely manner. Eagle believes that hazardous building materials should not bring construction to a halt, but rather they should be considered an integrated step in the design and construction process -- one that is adequately planned and budgeted for in advance.

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